We heard you Holladay!

We heard the concerns. We listened. We invite you to learn the facts about the changes we’ve made to the plans.

Cotton Wood Mall - A New Plan With Enduring Quality

1. Reduced Height. 136' to 90'
2. 236 Fewer Units
3. Increased Feature Restaurants, Shopping and Office
4. More Open Space. Up 25%.
5. Improved Connectivity. 1.2 Mile Circular Park & Trail
6. Larger Lots. Addition of For-Sale Luxury Condominiums. Up 20%.
7. Quality & Sustainability. 500 Trees Green Building Standards.
8. Economic Advantages. City Revenues Up. Jobs Up.

We heard you Holladay! Ivory Homes and Woodbury Corporation have made substantial changes to the original plans to develop the former Cottonwood Mall site in order to accommodate this great community. We have reduced the height of the buildings, we have increased open space for community use, increased commercial space that benefits the community, and are committed to building lovely homes on larger lots. We will do all this while maintaining Holladay's unique feel and charm.

Ivory Cottonwood Concept


What Has Changed?

Building heights have been reduced by 34%. The maximum building height is now 90 feet down from 136 feet.

The number of apartments has been reduced by 22%.

The size of single-family home lots has increased 20% to an average size of ¼ acre.

Over 34% of the 56 acres will be open space- 1/3 of the entire site.

65% increase in feature restaurants, shopping and office.

Key Project Facts

Growth will not negatively affect local schools, according to the Granite School District.

Traffic will be less than half of what the former Cottonwood Mall generated during its peak.

Redevelopment Agency money will NOT be used to build homes. Any RDA money for this project will be used for infrastructure like open space, trails along the creek and creek restoration.

RDA funds are only taken from money generated directly from this project.

500 trees will be planted and a 1.2 mile landscaped trail will surround the property and be accessible to the community.

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